Remove Deep-Set Stains and Stubborn Dirt

Ask us about our carpet steam cleaning services offered in the Fort Collins, CO area

While plush carpet fibers might offer superior comfort, they're also notoriously difficult to clean. Vacuums can only touch the surface-level dirt and dust, leaving deep-set germs and stains to fester. When you need a far more effective cleaning solution, turn to Poudre Cleaning. We provide skilled carpet steam cleaning services in Fort Collins, CO and surrounding areas.

Using advanced equipment, our cleaning and sterilization services can completely restore carpets, upholstery and automotive interiors. We have over 15 years of experience working with both residential and commercial clients.

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How does steam cleaning work?

The trick for perfect carpets and upholstery is applying the right amount of heat. Our carpet steam cleaning service uses extremely hot, vaporized water to lift dirt and grime hiding deep down in fibers. Then, dry steam is used to collect any dirt and debris that's been pulled loose.

Steam cleaning has a number of benefits, including:

Complete safety for children and pets without any nasty chemicals

Total elimination of viruses and bacteria

Amazing results far better than normal shampooing and vacuuming

Once we're through, your carpets and upholstery will look just like the day you bought them. Reach out today to get a free estimate on our steam cleaning services.